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QUESTION What habits to adopt when Investing?



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Jul 25, 2020

Most people lose their money to investors because they lack the discipline that comes with investment. Below, I will specify a few habits that should be adopted as an investor.

Think the long-term:
If you try to get rich quick with investment, you have got the wrong mindset. Investing doesn't make you wealthy overnight, in fact investing hoping to get a big hit right on the start isn't reliable. Successful investing has to do with developing a long-term strategy, lont term planning is the thing that will set your life in the right direction.

Keeping up with current events:
The biggest problem you have to fix is not keeping yourself updated to the current trend. Some users still invest in outdated models and that triggers a huge disappointment because the model in question is surely overtaken with lots of competitions. When you find more people investing in stock and real estate, they are doing so because that is the current trend.

Do enough research:
People chase after hot tips, they easily jump into investment programs simply because it was suggested by a friend. No! it doesn't work that way. Before you start investments make sure to read and understand enough of what you want to spend your money on so far as you are expecting profits. Warren Buffet- The world's greatest investor reads often on new investment opportunities until he is able to make a sound judgment of what he wants to do.Basically, there is no single successful investor who achieved their success out of negligence

What do you look for when you are kind of digging or doing research on where to invest your money? Well, that is simple, you look out for companies that meet the 4 standards below.

You've to understand the business:
You have to respect the business's values and then know what they do, that's huge because if you don't understand what drives the business then it will be worthless.
Competitive Advantage:
Check out the possible threats the business might fall into in terms of competition
Good Management:
Watch out if the business is managed with integrity and the people around it are talented
The margin of safety:
Does it add real value

When you learn how to do this research and figure out these four things, it is going to be easy for you and it will give you that powerful results.

Think the opposite:
When you really want to maximize the potentials of your investment then you will have to do what no one is doing. Don't be moved by what the majority are involved but rather invest in safety because sooner or later that model will lose its value.


Aug 22, 2020
So much truth, people really mainly want to win now, earn big as soon as possible... but the best investment is the long term one. 100% true


Well-known member
Aug 22, 2020
You have explained and highlighted all the points so well. I have been saving up for some investment opportunities and all you have written are very good guides for me to work with. Thanks for your resourcefulness.
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