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QUESTION Need help with Faucets



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Aug 9, 2020
How to earn Faucets on daily basis from various sites
Hi, bro, maybe you are a newcomer to the crypto world, but that's okay, better late than never. As you can see, there are so many faucet sites out there, for the convenience of you, they are grouped from those that are paid directly and also payments via micro wallet.
1. Direct payment for example https://freebitco.in
2. Payment via micra wallet:
Of course you have to be registered first on the microwallet,
Then you can select, or select a faucet site
you like, then you make a list or bookmarks in
pcmu. so every microwallet has a group of faucet sites. following
are some microwallets you should know, if you are
still don't have an account please register by clicking the link.
- ExpressCrypto: https://expresscrypto.io
- FaucetPay: https://faucetpay.io
- WalCryp: https://www.walcrypt.com

Good luck!!
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