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GUIDE Making your own GPT/PTC website in 2020


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Jan 9, 2020
Hey everyone, I figured I'd start of this new forum topic with a guide on how to make your own GPT/PTC site in 2020. I know for a fact that many people are interested in this seeing how many (often shitty) GPT sites that get created all the time, and eventually fail.

The problem with these is often that they either look very scuffed and/or old-looking, which gives you a bad start to begin with. The most important thing to take into account when making a GPT/PTC site is that it has to look LEGITIMATE and TRUSTWORTHY, otherwise your hard-work with getting people to your site will most likely be in vain. As such, you should really put an emphasis on design and not cheap out on it. This also brings us into another important thing to take into account before you go about making your own GPT/PTC site - that it will cost you a pretty penny if you don't know your way around code.

If you do not have the skills to make your own design and/or script then you will likely have to pound out atleast $500 for a decent working GPT site, and even upwards of $1000-1500 if you want custom stuff and a site that looks good. If you are in the position where you wont be able to create stuff yourself then this is my guide on how to create your own GPT site in the most efficient manner (and how to spend your money wisely):

1. Buy a script
There is a surprisingly large amount of scripts available to buy immediately. The most popular one, and also the most complete one in every aspect, is by far UseTitan (ref.link). They offer a ready-to-use script for your GPT/PTC site at a relatively reasonable price. The script itself can be bought for $119, and the modules you'll need to begin with will cost you another $129 at minimum (to enable payouts with gift cards, which is highly recommended. Implementation for cryptocurrency will cost you another $199 but that's something to consider in the future). Lastly, it will cost another $49 if you want them to install the script for you, so in total: $297 if you would go with all those mentioned. They offer a ton more modules but these will at the very least help you get started and, you can as mentioned before, consider adding additional modules in the future. You can choose between three themes for your GPT site with UseTitan, and for an additional cost you can also pay them to customize it to your liking.

An alternative to UseTitan is IncentiveScripts. They offer mostly the same suite as UseTitan, but the site looks like it's from 2005 so you would have to make an entire design overhaul if you want to fulfill the previously mentioned design requirements.

Another less known alternative is GPTScript from devzstudio, which you can either buy for a monthly cost with hosting or a lifetime license to host for yourself. I would recommend the lifetime license and to get your own hosting if you choose to go with this script, even though it is $299.

With all that said, if you have a budget over $1k then I definitely recommend getting it custom coded on sites like fiverr, freelancer etc. This will first and foremost set you apart from the competition, but it will also give you more control in the future.

2. Buy/create the design
All the scripts mentioned before come with a design out of the box, but I highly recommend that you get a custom design for your site. In UseTitans case you can pay them to do this through their design services. You should aim for the standard design package, which will run you another $300. This is not half bad considering you'd probably have to pay someone alot more on fiverr or freelancer, and they offer hundreds of themes through wrapbootstrap.

With the other scripts you'll probably have to reach out to a third party if you don't have the knowledge yourself, which may run you up to $500-1000 for something custom/original.

3. Buy a domain/hosting
You will want a creative and original domain name that will make a good brand for your website. Preferrably a .com domain. I recommend buying it on Namecheap but you can compare domain prices here. Please remember to take into account the renewal prices of the different domain providers - many providers have a cheap first year but with a much more pricier renewal price.

For hosting I again recommend Namecheap, they offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers... Just make sure that the script you use is compatible and make sure to ask your host before buying.

4. Apply for a few offer walls
This is a crucial step, and I recommend that you only apply to a maximum of three offer walls. The first one that I recommend is Kiwi, they are highly reputable and if you get accepted then things will be looking good for you in the future. Another known and reputable one is adscendmedia. Other notable ones to consider are AdGem and OfferToro. If you aim to offer surveys on your site then you should apply for YourSurveys, but please note that you should have some restrictions on this to prevent abuse (require the member to have earned a certain amount before, for example). This will put you in good faith with YourSurveys, too.

Please note that having too many offer walls on your site may make it so that some offers are available to be duped, which may lead to them banning you and as such putting you out of business until it is resolved.

5. Think about how your site can be different
As you may have figured out by now, there are hundreds if not thousands of GPT sites out there, and the competition is fierce. Think about how you can make your site stand out in the sea of GPT sites, whether it be by features, giveaways, design etc. A warning here is that you should refrain from implementing jackpot, and anything related to gambling on your website, as this may get you blacklisted from PayPal and other payment providers.

6. Pay your members
In the beginning, you should not be greedy. Set up a realistic offer rate that makes it so that you will always be able to pay your members, and as the members begin coming in then you can think about increasing your margins.

Now, obviously this isn't all that you will have to do to get your GPT site running succesfully. The most difficult part by far will be to advertise your website and get it out there, but there is a ton of information available on the internet about that so I wont be talking about that. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the read and if you manage to get a GPT site going using this guide then I would be more than happy if you returned here and told me about it. ;)
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Jul 25, 2020
It is worth it on the long run to do it, but I think the one thing that might take more time is Customer Support, but in rest it is profitable (Timebucks earns 2x-3x times more for each offers/surveys)