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JOBS Earn 200 Credits for signing up to Honey and installing their browser extension



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Jan 9, 2020
Save money with the simple click of a button when doing your online shopping. Honey automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you shop online. They also provide price history charts and alerts on Amazon so you know when your favorite products are on sale.

It is incredibly easy to install and you can register with Google quickly.

After installing, if you make a "Qualifying Purchase" through one of their partner stores within 60 days, of which there are many of, we both will receive 500 Honey Gold which is equal to $5. You can cash out into a gift card of your choice once you reach 1000 Honey Gold ( = $10). They currently support shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and India as well as other sites that serve global customers.

You also receive 50 Honey Gold immediately by using the link, and then another 50 if you try a demo coupon where they just show you how it works.

Register and install here:

Only available to new users of Honey, obviously, and only chromium desktop browsers (does not work on phones).

After you have done it, reply to me in this thread then send me your e-mail that you registered with in a private conversation.

When I see you in my referrals I'll pay out immediately - and if you purchase anything within 60 days, then I'll give you an extra 1000 Credits (and you will also get 500 Honey Gold from them).

So, for full transparency:

I do NOT earn anything just from you signing up, you will have to buy something with the chrome addon activated for you and me to earn the $5
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