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crypto for living


Money Time

Aug 28, 2020

it’s possible to use crypto for a living? quitting 9 to 5 job and only use crypto to bay your bills.
this is not my story yet, but I want to quit 9 to 5 for good and crypto opens a great chance to elevate my finical cashflow.
when I was diving on in the crypto world I met with people how life on crypto, since the lunch of the first crypto “Bitcoin” there has tremendously life change and I ask them how can I join them, how to use crypto for living like they do it was easy to get there and what precisely do I need to get there.
nowadays if you have bitcoin or some capital you can join the club easy and all you need to do is to deposit your cash into the exchange site and start flipping for best to you, if the market goes up you sell and if it goes down you buy. but if you are a newbie to crypto and don’t have cash once or ever I will show some ways to enter the crypto world and earn some capital so you can join the club, know for sure thous are the only site I earned from them and I’m very sure you can earn two.

1- Publish0x - Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging

2- MoneyGurus.net - Make Money Online Forum

3- Trybe

4- presearch.org

its was easy?

the answer was no. because it takes dedication and wellness and massive effort to join the club and if you think other ways please do not waste your time reading this article. if you have bills to bay you can always earn it or work for it but without the dedication, you lost before the kickoff.

what precisely do I need to get there?

phone or pc
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