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OFFICIAL Clickworker UHRS Guide for 2020 - Clickworker forum


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Aug 23, 2019
Clickworker UHRS Guide for 2020 - Clickworker forum
Coming from someone who isn't from the US, Clickworker is by far the best method I’ve discovered to earn money online. It’s very similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (which unfortunately is the US only).

As discussed in our detailed review of Clickworker however, the key to earning the big money from Clickworker comes from something called UHRS.

UHRS, or the Universal Human Relevance System, works closely with Clickworker to offer especially high paying and lucrative jobs for workers to complete. You can get access to UHRS through Clickworker, although the job openings and the chances of you getting accepted vary for each country. Even though you live in the US, it might still take time to get accepted, but rest assured it will be worth it. When there’s work available on the platform, it’s feasible to earn a solid $10 per hour or more carrying out simple tasks.

Getting Started
First, you need to sign up on Clickworker if you haven't done that yet.

Once you have done that, it’s time to start filling out your profile. You will need to fill out your profile extremely thoroughly. This will increase your chances of getting accepted by a lot. Other than the obvious parts, a few things to remember when filling our your profile are:

  1. When they ask you for a tax number select “No, I am freelance/commercial”.
  2. You’ll need to add English as your native language for both written and verbal.
  3. Don't forget to fill out your PayPal address under payment details.

Once your profile is completed it's time to do some assessments in order to qualify to work on the platform. The first two assessments are:
  • English Placement Test: This is a pretty simple, straightforward assessment that verifies your grammar skills with around 35 multiple-choice questions. Very simple to complete and should only take you about 10 minutes
  • Qualify for Address: This is a test to verify your research skills. You will be given a company name, and your task is to google that company and find out their contact info. You’ll need to list things like the company name, address & phone number. With this test READ THE GUIDELINES!! It is very important that you input the data EXACTLY as they demand it. This will take about 10-15 minutes.
You may get a different "Qualify for Address" assessment, but the principle is still the same. Follow the guidelines and there shouldn't be a problem. T

After you have completed these tests, another set of tests will be unlocked for you. These are:

  • Qualification for UHRS I: This is a combination of the first two tests, you’ll get about 50 multiple-choice grammar questions and about 5 "find the address" questions.
  • Qualification for UHRS II: This one is simple - you have to create the Live ID you will be using to access UHRS. Just follow the instructions/guidelines and sign up for the unique Live ID. I recommend that you save or write down the guidelines.
The assessments are not always available as UHRS opens and close applications in different countries depending on the volume of work available, so make sure to check every day if you are serious about this. Furthermore, it is wise to log into your account regularly either way to complete HIITs - this will keep your account live, increasing your chance of getting accepted.

Once accepted
Each Job (or HIT as Clickworker calls them) requires you to do a qualification test, this is normally the same as the actual HIT, but Clickworker knows the answers and checks to make sure you got it correct, as long as you read the guidelines and pay attention you should pass first time (normally you get 3 chances, but this isn’t always the case, and if you fail qualification you can’t do that HIT) Once you have passed the qualification test, simply click “Start Judging” to begin working.

Payment is made via PayPal. Your first payment is quite slow and takes 21 days. However, after the first payment has been made you are paid weekly.

UHRS Current Availability: October 2019
Earlier this year, Clickworker stated that UHRS was open for assessment applications in the majority of countries except for Turkey.

In October of 2019 however, it simply says that UHRS is NOT available to all Clickworkers and that it is dependent on the availability of assessments in each country. This seems to imply that availability may not currently be so widespread.

Your best bet, is as always, to check if your country has UHRS open for applications REGULARLY, as well as complete HIITs regardless if you have been accepted or not, as they surely prefer active accounts over non-active ones.