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FREE 100.000 TN From Polarity Exchange • Reward are divided equally



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Jul 25, 2020
🎁 Polarity Exchange ~ 100.000 TN (Reward are divided equally)

Rate : 🌠🌠🌠🌠 4/5
Value : 1 TN = $0.01 USD
Exchange : Waves, Vindax
Extra Ref : 1 Stake


👉 Link to the Airdrop 👈

📜 Mandatory Task (Step-by-step Guide):
🔹Human Control
🔹Join our Telegram Channel
🔹Join Freecoins24 Telegram Group
🔹Follow us and Freecoins24 on Twitter
🔹Retweet the tweet about Polarity Exchange
🔹Created a verified account on Polarity Exchange
🔹Submit your email address
🔸Get 1 stake per person when completing all tasks

Complete all tasks so that the TN reward is paid at distribution. You need the stakes to get airdrop TN rewards

🔐 Airdrop distribution date: End of the airdrop is on the 12th September. Distribution after the airdrop end.

🔘 Polarity is a Stablecoin Exchange Platform. It leverages user familiarity by using USDT (Tether USD) as the exchanges’ base pair, not Bitcoin, making the experience closer to legacy finance.

Polarity is built off the Waves Exchange 1.0 code, which was adapted for the Turtle Network DEX and then made into Polarity.Exchange.
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